Registration 2018


Registration for the indoor term 1 MSAC competition can be completed here

Registration Information.

Registration for 2018 is all completed at the one portal, both Southern United and Hockey Victoria fees are paid at the portal at time of registration via credit/debit card here


2018 Fees consist of:

  • Hockey Victoria (HV) fees, which go towards player insurance, administration costs at Hockey Victoria and Hockey Australia. If you have not paid your HV fee you are not covered by insurance as of 1st January.
  • Southern United Hockey Club fees, which cover the costs of running the club, costs of team entry into the HV competitions and putting money aside to replace our playing surfaces when they wear out.
  • Premier League and Reserves Levy of $80.00 which will be applied to those players who play 6 or more games in either the PL or Reserves teams.  
  • Umpiring charge for senior men only.  Each player will pay $30 ‘up front’, and when players umpire a game as rostered, they will receive their $30 back.
  • Optional Fundraising Levy of $30.00 Juniors/$50.00 Seniors.  Feedback to the club has been that some players and parents would prefer to make a one-off donation via a levy as they can’t participate in club fundraising events during the season. All money collected via this levy goes into our ground replacement fund or used for strategic initiatives.

Registration Process

For those wanting to register for the hook in 2 hockey program commencing Feb 16th registration is separate and carried out at HIn2H Registration

For under 8s on Friday night through to masters, a new registration process for 2018 allows both Hockey Victoria and Southern United registration to be completed together  at   
As a current member you need to login. You need to use the email address to which this was sent for logging on.  If you cannot remember your password, then use the “forgotten your password” to have a password reset link sent to you. This reset is only active for 30 minutes, so you must action the mail immediately. Once logged in, select RENEW. 

Payment is made at the time of registration, for both Southern United and Hockey Victoria via deibt/credit card.

Step 1 . Select the appropriate age group from the Hockey Victoria selections  (in blue on the portal)

  • If you are under 10 years old at 31 December 2017     $43.00
  • If you are under 18 years old at 31 December 2017     $65.00
  • If you are 18 years old or over at 31 December 2017   $90.00

Step  2. Select the appropriate membership from Juniors, Men’s, Women’s, Master’s.  

You only need to select one option, the optional fund raising levy can also be selected.  The fees below outline our 2018 fees. Please note a 4.4% processing fee is added to the fee below 

Men’s Premier League & Reserves     Women’s Premier League & Reserves  
Senior playing fee inc umpire fee $   660   Senior playing fee $  630
Student playing fee inc umpire fee $   520   Student playing fee $  490
Junior playing fee inc umpire fee $   250   Junior playing fee $  220
Premier League & Reserves GK Fee $   310   Premier League & Reserves GK Fee $  280
Men’s Pennant & Metro     Women’s Pennant & Metro  
Senior playing fee inc umpire fee $   580   Senior playing fee $  550
Student playing fee inc umpire fee $   440   Student playing fee $  410
GK fee inc umpire (with own GK equipment) $   230   GK fee (with own GK equipment) $  200
Junior playing fee inc umpire fee $   170   Junior playing fee $  140
Seniors playing Masters $   140   Seniors playing Masters $  140
Masters (Mixed & Women)     Other  
Masters fee $   540   Gold non playing member $ 110
GK fee (with own GK equipment) $   200   Life members (playing) $  100
Masters playing Seniors fee (Men) $   170   Non playing member $   35
Masters playing Seniors fee (Women) $   140   Life members (non-playing) $       –
Intra Club (U8 – Friday) fee $   80   Junior goalkeeper (with own GK equipment) $ 195
U10 fee $  180   Junior Girl doubling up age group permanently extra  
U12, U14, U16 & U18 fee $  280   Juniors playing Seniors fee – refer above