Southern United Hockey Club

New player skills page


Episode 1: Holding the stick
The first thing to know is how to hold your hockey stick. In Episode 1, practise your grip and hockey ready position. See the instructions here Hockey Stick Grip

Episode 2: Warm Up and Dribbling the Ball

Time to start practising your hockey skills. Learn the importance of a good warm-up plus dribbling the ball.  See the instructions here  Dribbling the ball

Episode 3: Dragging

Learn about dragging and how you can practise it at home, including setting up obstacles. See the instructions here Dragging

Episode 4: Passing the Ball

Today’s hockey lesson teaches you all about passing. See the instructions here Passing the ball

Episode 5: Scoring Goals

How great is it score a goal! Learn how to put all your skills together to shoot. See the instructions here Scoring goals

Episode 6: Goal Keeping

It’s one of the most important positions on a team…in the final episode of our #Hookin2Hockey series learn the key points of goalkeeping. You could one day be the next Olympic goalkeeper for Australia 😉. See the instructions here  Goal Keeping