Southern United Hockey Club

Player Game Recognition


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  • Michael Campbell 500 Games
    Michael Campbell, reached the incredible milestone of 500 games with Southern United. Games prior to the merging of Southern United are not included
  • Julian Pratt 500 GamesJulian-500-games

We wish to recognize our players that have played 100 premier league games.

  • Joey Kenny 28th April 2018
    Joey was a junior at the time that Southern United was formed from Sandringham , and played one season – 18 games – as a junior with the Southern United shirt. Joey was one of the youngsters when the men’s State League 2 team won the premiership and was promoted to Premier League. Joey played in premier league from the year that Southern was first promoted to the final in 2018 when Southern won the men’s premier league grand final.  Joey is now playing in our reserves team.
  • Josh Ephraums 22nd September 2018
    Josh commenced at Sandringham  and then became part of Southern with the merger, playing 64 games as a Southern United junior. Moving to seniors and our premier league squad to captain the team in the successful 2018 Men’s premier league grand final. Josh has represented Victoria all through his juniors, including winning the under 21 Australian Championships. Josh has also coached many junior teams winning the under 14 mixed shield competition in 2018.
  • Matt L’Huillier 4th May 2019
    Matt joined Southern from New Zealand and has played in the premier league team from 2013. In that time Matt won the Finn McNabb Hockey Victoria Premier League Best & Fairest in 2015 and the Colin Batch Premier League top scorer in 2018. In 99 premier league games Matt has scored 97 goals, most with his trademark drag flick.
  • Nathan Ephraums 3rd August 2019
    Nathan started at Southern as a tiny tacker, and there are many who remember him just running amuck in the under 9 games. Now as a member of the Australian development squad, we still could not be more proud of you Nathan.Nathan-100-Games
  • Edward Arnold 19 June 2021
    Ed joined us at Southern as a junior when the family moved back from England. How fortunate were we. Doing his apprenticeship in the lower senior grades and then on to reserves, and finally moved up to premier league
  • Tom Youds 23 April 2022
    Once again another of our juniors that moved through the ranks to seniors and then premier league
  • Georgia Elston 21st May 2022
    Georgia played in our junior girls teams, part of the crew that won the shield competition year after year. In Premier league she too has shone as our captain.
  • Brad Marais 4th June 2022
    Brad, part of our junior shield team all through the years and then through to our premier league squad.
  • Alistair Hart 7th June 2022
  • McKenzie Thompson 17th July 2022
  • Josh Mulder 6th August 2022
  • Laura Johnson 20th August 2022
  • Olivia Carruthers 
  • Ben Hughes 
  • Emily Hamilton Smith