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Goalie Corner

Goalie Training

Goalie training is run regularly during season.

2023 dates to come

Drills & Tips for Goal Keepers

Video on techniques from Hockey Australia Hockey Aus GK

Video on understanding the angles within goals

NZ Guide to goalkeeping (long) Goalkeeper Resource from NZ

Managing your goalie gear

Most goalies now have new or near new equipment. Now is the chance to keep it clean and odourless. This surprisingly does not take a lot of work.

 1.  Air your gear. After every use take out all the gear out of the bag and let it air. The gear does not like being in direct sunlight, so air it in shade, the garage, verandah, laundry, shed or bathroom are all great options

2.  Wash you gear. Your gear LOVES to be washed.

  • A video on washing is available at Basically most of the soft gear can simply go in the front loader washing machine. Yes, that is right. Otherwise in a bath or sink.
  • The left hand protector especially can get very smelly inside, wash it carefully and regularly in warm soapy water.
  • The legs can also get very smelly, had you noticed in pre-goalie life how smelly shin guards get, the goalie leg guards are the same. They need to be cared for. Wash them.

3. Check the straps.  The straps on the kickers can wear and break. Please keep an eye on it. If the straps need to be replaced, please let us know at the club at