Southern United Hockey Club

Representative Hockey

The Southern United Hockey Club is proud of all members who have achieve representative honours and encourages all members who aspire to play hockey at regional, state, national at under age, seniors and masters level to actively pursue their representative hockey dreams.

The club continues to produce junior players of high quality through its various development programs such as the McKenzie’s Skills Clinics, Southern United Hockey Academy, Vision Hockey junior clinics and our Goal Keeping clinics.  This is reflected in the increasing number of SUHC players earning selection in regional and state outdoor and indoor teams.

Representative selection brings credit to SUHC and we congratulate all of our representative players on their success and actively encourage them to continue to develop their hockey at the elite level.


2023 Outdoor
Kookaburras Squad Craig Marais,   Nathan Ephraums
2023 World Cup Nathan Ephraums
2023 Indoor
Aus Men Indoor Squad Edward Arnold
Men Vic Open Edward Arnold


2022 Outdoor
HC Melbourne Team Craig Marais,  Trent Symss, Nathan Ephraums
VIS Program Brad Marais, Craig Marais
Kookaburras Squad Nathan Ephraums, Craig Marais
2022 Indor
Aus Indoor Squad Edward Arnold


2021 Outdoor
HC Melbourne Emerging Squad Nick Fitzgerald, Josh Mulder, Pim Okhuizen, Trent Symss, Carlin Walker, Tom Youds
VIS Program Brad Marais, Craig Marais
Kookaburras Squad Nathan Ephraums


2020 Outdoor
Aus Squad Nathan Ephraums
Under 18 State Will Carruthers, Nick Fitzgerald


2019 Outdoor
Aus Junior Squad/
Aus Development Squad
Nathan Ephraums
HC Melbourne Nathan Ephraums, Craig Maris 
SSA U17 Team Craig Marais
U21 Men Nathan Ephraums, Brad Marais, Craig Marais, Josh Mulder. Trent Symss (to), Alistair Hart (to), Pim Okhuizen (to)
Under 18 Men Craig Marais, Trent Symss, Carlin Walker
Open Indoor Ed Arnold


2017 Outdoor
Aus Junior Squad Nathan Ephraums
Victorian Vikings Nathan Ephraums
Youth Olympic Games Brad Marais, Craig Marais
U21 Men Nathan Ephraums, Brad Marais, Josh Mulder
U18 Men Al Hart, Brad Marais, Craig Marais, Pim Okhuizen, Trent Symss, Carlin Walker (Train on)


2016/2017 indoor 
Open Men Joshua Ephraums, Michael Pearce (train on)
U18 Men Josh Mulder
2017 Outdoor
U21 Men Joshua Ephraums, Nathan Ephraums, Brad Marais, Josh Mulder
U18 Men Nathan Ephraums, Alistair Hart,Brad Marais, Josh Mulder


2016 Outdoor  
U21 Men Joshua Ephraums, Nathan Ephraums
U18 Men (Blue) Nathan Ephraums (player of the tournament), Brad Marais, Josh Mulder, (White) Alistair Hart


2015/2016 Indoor
U21 Men Joshua Ephraums
Open Men Ash Bingle
U18 Men Josh Mulder
2015 Outdoor  
U21 Men Ed Arnold, Josh Ephruams
U18 Men (1) Ashley Bingle(GK), Nathan Ephraums, Josh Mulder, Andrew Nixon
U18 Men (2) Max Dalton, Tom Youds


2014/2015 Indoor
U21 Men Ash Bingle, Ed Arnold
U18 Men Ash Bingle, Josh Ephraums
2014 Outdoor  
U21 Men Josh Ephruams
Vikings Squad Matt L’Hullier
U18 Men (1) Josh Ephraums
U18 Men (2) Ash Bingle


2013/2014  Indoor
U18 Men Josh Ephraums, Ash Bingle (TO)
2013 Outdoor  
U18 Men Josh Ephraums


2012/2013  Indoor
Men Shane Campbell, Michael Pearce
U21 Men Ed Arnold
U18 Men Squad Josh Ephraums
2012 Outoor  
U18 Men Ben Hughes, Ed Arnold (TO),


2011/2o12 Indoor
U18 Men Ed Arnold