Southern United Hockey Club


Club Officiating Co-ordinator  or other Club Rostered Umpires and/ or H.V. rostered T.O.s

If you are unable to make your appointment and it’s outside H.V. Office Hours.

(Or you are running late).

Please Contact either the club secretary Anna Jennings 0436 416 029, or the relevant section.

Officiating Contact

Jacky Jacob 

Junior Umpire Co-ordinator 

Rostering of Junior Matches by Ben Grant

Information about Junior Umpire Coaching Program click tab: ” Jump in to Umpiring”

Senior Women’s Umpire Co-ordinator  – Deb Ghuliani

Rostering of Senior Women’s Matches


Senior Men’s Umpire Co-ordinator  – Helen Ward

Rostering of Senior Men’s Matches


Master’s Umpire Co-ordinator  – Sue Styles

Rostering of Master’s Matches


Club Ball Kid Co-ordinator  – Project Group Junior Section

Management, Training and Rostering of Ball Kids


Officiating at Australian Championships

Competition Person Role
2019 Under 12 School Sports Australia Championships Charlie Williams Umpire
2019 Under 15 Indoor Championships Stephen Blatherwick Technical Official

Umpiring Resources

Useful YouTube

Link to multiple videos  
Rule Guru – Long Corner  Rule Guru – Foot Rule
Rule Guru – Free hits around the circle Rule Guru – The overhead
Rule Guru – Stick Obstruction Rule Guru – Body Obstruction
Rule Guru – Umpire Tools Rule guru 2018 – the 5m Rule
Rule Guru – Where to stand for a PC Rule Guru 2016 – Where to take a long corner
Rule Guru 2016 – Intentional play over the backline Rule Guru 2016 – What happens if the ball hits the umpire
Rule Guru 2016 – Goal Keeper Colours Rule Guru 2016 – Playing the ball above the shoulder
Rules Guru – Hand Signals – 2014