2019 Fixtures & Results

Keep up to the second scores of the premier league games at https://hockeyvictoria.altiusrt.com/

All Hockey Pitches with google maps links

Fixtures for 2019 have not yet been released for Junior and Pennant/Metro senior games. 

Fixtures for Premier League



Men Women
Men’s Premier League (MPL) Women’s Premier League (WPL)
Men’s Premier League Reserve (MPLR) Women’s Premier League Reserves (WPLR)
Men’s Pennant A (MPA) Women’s Pennant B (WPB)
Men’s Pennant C (MPC) Women’s Pennant D (WPD)
Men’s Pennant D (MPD) Women’s Pennant F (WPF)
Men’s Pennant E (MPE) Women’s Metro A (WMA)
Men’s Metro A South (MMA)  
Men’s Metro B South (MMB)  
Juniors Saturday Morning Juniors Friday Night
Under 10 Half Field Girls South Term 2 Under 14 Mixed Shield A (U14MA)
Under 10 Boys Half Field South Term 2 Under 14 Mixed Pennant SE (U14MP)
Under 12 Boys Shield (U12BA) Under 14 Mixed South (U14MS)
Under 12 Girls Shield (U12GA) Under 14 Girls Shield (U14GA)
Under 12 Boys Pennant SE (U12BP) Under 14 Girls Pennant (U14GP)
Under 12 Boys South Half Field Term 3 Under 16 Mixed Shield A (U16MA)
Under 12 Girls Pennant (U12GP) Under 16 Mixed Pennant SE (U16MP)
  Under 16 Mixed South (U16MRed, U16MBlack)
Masters Under 16 Girls Shield (U16GA)
Women’s Masters 35+ A Under 18 Mixed   (U18)
Men’s Masters 45+ A  
Men’s Masters 45+ B South East  
Men’s Masters 45+ D  


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