Registrations for 2019 are now open.

Those who played with us last year, will have received a personalised link to register. If you don’t have that link, or want to register as a new Southern player registration .

Register for SUHC here


If you have completed your Southern Registration and just need to do HV

The Hockey Victoria registration can be completed here


What a year 2019 will be.

  • Our men’s outstanding 2018 finishing as Premier League premiers is a great lead in to 2019. With teams in Premier League and Reserves, Pennant A, C, D and E together with Metro A and B.
  • With all women’s teams in 2018 reaching finals, 2019 will be just as exciting for the women’s teams. With two teams promoted for 2019, teams will be Premier League and Reserves, Pennant B, D and F together with Metro.
  • Juniors are continuing to star. Premierships in 16 Mixed Shield and Pennant, 14 Mixed Shield and runners up in 12 girls shield in 2018. Southern will have shield teams in all ages and both mixed / boys and girls, and teams to the district grades.

During the registration you will see four sets of data forms:

  1. Primary Contact; this should be a parent if registering somebody below the age of 18;
  2. Emergency Contact; this should be another adult/guardian for us to contact in the event of an emergency, club emails are NOT sent to this person unless specified in the communication section.
  3. Players; you can enter the details for as many players as you like and if the Primary or Emergency Contact is a player you must also click the link to add their membership details. Player details, date of birth, email, phone number will be entered here.
  4. Further Communication options. This allows a second adult’s details to be included for emailing. This allows both parents/carers to receive club emails.

The Southern United registration here at the Majestri system is the source of information for emails, emergency contacts etc for the club. Please take care in ensuring the data is accurate.

Fees for 2019

With an increase in costs for Hockey Victoria, our fees in 2019 do have an increase. Unlike 2018, there is no additional processing charge above the fees listed.  To counter balance the increase in fees we have payment plans available to all. On finishing the Southern registration you can select credit card payment or payment plan. Payment plans require an initial 20% payment, and must be completed by 31st July.  Select the frequency of payment and payment amount, and our service provider Majestri, will direct debit the amount each payment.


  Player Goalie with own Kit
Junior U8 $95.00  
Junior U10 $180.00  
Junior U12-U18 $300.00 $200.00
Junior also Playing Women’s $445.00 $345.00
Junior also Playing Men’s $485.00 $385.00
Junior also Playing Women’s PL/PLR $530.00 $430.00
Junior also Playing Men’s PL/PLR $570.00 $470.00
Men’s Pennant-Metro $635.00 $245.00
Men’s Pennant-Metro Student $485.00  
Men’s PL/PLR $720.00 $330.00
Men’s PL/PLR Student $570.00  
Men’s also playing Masters $780.00 $390.00
Women’s Pennant-Metro $595.00 $205.00
Women’s Pennant-Metro Student $445.00  
Women’s PL/PLR $680.00 $290.00
Women’s PL/PLR Student $530.00  
Women’s also playing Masters $740.00 $350.00
Master’s only $580.00 $190.00
Playing Life Member $110.00  
SUHC Non Playing Membership $40.00  
SUHC Supporter Membership $100.00  
SUHC Gold Membership $120.00  

Registration Process

Registration can be completed in family groups.  During the Southern United registration you will see four sets of data forms – Primary Contact, Emergency Contact, Players, and Communication information. Most of the data should be pre filled.  The new Southern United registration system, Majestri, is source of information for emails, emergency contacts etc for the club. Please take

Registration is a two stage process.

  1. From the link above you will be able to register with Southern United.
  2. At the end of the Southern United Registration you will be able to complete your HV registration. This MUST be completed to play in any game, and to ensure insurance is available.

Payment Options for Southern United Fees.

At the end of the Southern United registration process and invoice will be generated. You will have two payment options.

  1. Payment immediately by credit or debit card.
  2. Setting up a payment plan with the option of weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly payment via direct debit from you bank account.  A 20% initial payment by credit card is required, the remainder is to be paid off by July 31st. This process is managed by Majestri (who manage the registration system) and they will charge $0.77 per payment and $5.50 for any payment which fails. For any further details please contact club secretary Anna Jennings


2019 Hockey Victoria/Australia Registration

Although the Southern United Hockey Club registration (fees) are not ready to be completed, you can carry out your Hockey Victoria registration now, to ensure that you are covered by insurance with the start of pre-season training. 

Before you renew your Hockey Victoria registration please see instructions below.

The Hockey Victoria registration can be completed here

New Members, please follow the above instructions, however instead of clicking ‘forgotten your password’, please instead click ‘Don’t have an account’ and follow the instructions.

Renewing Members, please follow the below instructions:

All renewing Members will be required to click ‘forgotten your password’ when you appear on the Hockey Australia Registration Page for the first time in 2019. This is to ensure your migrated data is linked with your 2019 Hockey Victoria Membership Information. When you have clicked ‘forgotten your password’, it will ask you for your email address. Please ensure this is the email address you used when registering for your 2018 Hockey Victoria Membership. If you are confused with which email address you registered with in 2018, please email DO NOT proceed to next steps unless you are sure that you used this email address in 2018. 

Once you are sure of the correct email address, an email will arrive in your mailbox from, please check your spam or trash folders, dependent on your security settings. Contained in this email will be for you to verify your email address. Once completed, go back to the Hockey Australia Landing Page and login. When you have successfully logged in, you will choose your Member Type, please see which best relates to you below.

Player = HV 2019 Outdoor Playing Membership
Coach = HV 2019 Official Membership
Umpire = HV 2019 Official Membership
Social Member = HV Non Playing Membership

Once you have selected your Member Type, please follow the steps to complete your 2019 Membership renewal.


If any member has an issues when actioning the above, please don’t hesitate to contact and the Hockey Victoria Membership Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Registration for Hockey Victoria, which is required to allow game participation and insurance, this year is made up of two registrations, one for Hockey Australia (HA), and one for Hockey Victoria (HV).

Fees for 2019 for HV/HA are:

$55 $42 $97
Sub Senior
(turning 18 this year)
$55 $30 $85
(turning 11- 17 this year)
$40 $30 $70
(turning 9 or 10 in 2019)
$20 $30 $50
turning 8 or less in 2019
$20 0 $20


State Netball Hockey Centre (SNHC) Entry
Hockey Victoria are pleased to announce that we will again be partnering with SportsPass to allow our members to access the SNHC.

2019 Hockey Victoria Youth & Adult Outdoor Members will have access to a DIGITAL Membership Card to assist in entry to the SNHC using the SportsPass Login. In February, all 2019 Hockey Victoria Playing Members, will receive an email directly from SportsPass with your unique code and instructions on how to activate your card. All Junior Outdoor Members will again be able to access the SNHC in 2019 with just a copy of their 2019 Membership receipt.

Make sure you register in advance of your visit to ensure you receive your information before you arrive at the SNHC.

Please note that no previous Digital Membership Cards are valid for entry. Only 2019 HV Digtital Membership Cards can be used until 31 December 2019.

In the past non-players could purchase a Hockey Victoria supporter membership. This membership gave access for free to the State Netball and Hockey Centre for hockey training and Hockey Victoria games. This has changed for 2019.

  • Hockey Victoria registered players will continue to receive access to the SNHC via their membership card.
  • Every person who has as “Fan Package” – the package that was ticket for AHL 2018, International Pro League and the 3 new look AHL games in 2019, will receive a membership card for the new Melbourne team and that membership gives access to the SNHC for all HV training and HV games.
  • People can purchase membership to the new Melbourne team. Different levels of membership are available, for example membership with entry to one of the Melbourne games together with access to the SNHC for all HV games will be $40.  This will be available by late March. Details are available here.