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As with all amateur sporting organizations, the club’s cash flows and finances are very dependent on its members paying their membership and playing fees on time and in full.  The club reserves the right to not select playing members whose fees are in arrears post Round 1. The club may consider special arrangements for payment of fees due to exceptional financial hardship on a case by case basis.

Those who played with us in 2019 and/or 2020, will receive a personalised link to register.

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Fees for 2021 have not changed from the 2020 fees.  Women’s section fees are now in line with men’s section and include umpire levy. When players umpire they umpire fee is refunded.During the Southern United registration you will see four sets of data forms:

  1. Primary Contact; this should be a parent if registering somebody below the age of 18;
  2. Emergency Contact; this should be another adult/guardian for us to contact in the event of an emergency, club emails are NOT sent to this person unless specified in the communication section.
  3. Players; you can enter the details for as many players as you like and if the Primary or Emergency Contact is a player you must also click the link to add their membership details. Player details, date of birth, email, phone number will be entered here.
  4. Further Communication options. This allows a second adult’s details to be included for emailing. This allows both parents/carers to receive club emails.

The Southern United registration here at the Majestri system is the source of information for emails, emergency contacts etc for the club. Please take care in ensuring the data is accurate.

Premier League/Reserves Players

Players selected and registering with the Premier League/Reserves Squad select the Premier league playing option.

We have changed the due date for payment of fees for the PL and Reserves players with a portion of the fees ($250) needing to be paid by the 31st Jan 2021, and the balance either to be paid in full or via a payment plan.

In the event of a cancelled season this $250 will not be refundable.

2021 Fees Field Player Goalie with own Kit
Stick2Hockey $100.00  
Junior U10  $185.00  
Junior U12-U18 $310.00 $210.00
Junior also Playing Women’s $460.00 $360.00
Junior also Playing Men’s $500.00 $400.00
Junior also Playing Women’s PL/PLR $560.00 $460.00
Junior also Playing Men’s PL/PLR $600.00 $500.00
Men’s Pennant-Metro $655.00 $250.00
Men’s Pennant-Metro Student $500.00  
Men’s PL/PLR $755.00 $350.00
Men’s PL/PLR Student $600.00  
Men’s also playing Masters $805.00 $400.00
Men’s Monday Night Only $595.00  
Men’s Monday Night Only Student $440.00  
Men’s Weekend Also Playing Monday Night Open $805.00  
Men’s Weekend Also Playing Monday Night Open Student $650.00  
Women’s Pennant-Metro $655.00 $250.00
Women’s Pennant-Metro Student $500.00  
Women’s PL/PLR $755.00 $350.00
Women’s PL/PLR Student $600.00  
Women’s also playing Masters $805.00 $400.00
Master’s only $595.00 $190.00
Playing Life Member $120.00  
Non Playing Member $40.00  
Gold Member $120.00  
Associate Member $35.00  

Payment Options for Southern United Fees.

At the end of the Southern United registration process and invoice will be generated. You will have two payment options.

  1. Payment immediately by credit or debit card.
  2. Setting up a payment plan with the option of weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly payment via direct debit from you bank account.  A 20% initial payment by credit card is required, the remainder is to be paid off by July 31st. This process is managed by Majestri (who manage the registration system) and they will charge $0.77 per payment and $5.50 for any payment which fails. For any further details please contact club secretary Anna Jennings

Fees for Hockey Victoria

NOTE: Those who registered for hook in 2 hockey in 2021 do NOT need  to pay an additional HV registration fee.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you were a registered Hockey Victoria member in 2020 who did not pledge their membership fees, you would have received an email in relation to the Hockey Victoria Credit Process for 2021. Please do not register to your club below prior to going through and completing this credit process. The code and renewal of the credit is required to be completed prior to your club registration. If you cannot locate this email or not sure whether you are entitled to a credit email

Questions on Hockey Victoria Registration please see

Age as at January 2021  
Seniors 19 yrs + $100
Youth (11-18 Yrs) $73
Junior (9-10 Yrs) $46.50
Junior (8 or under) $15
Officials $35

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