Southern United Hockey Club

Code of Conduct

For the Hockey Victoria  Code of Contact please click here.


The SUHC uses the Hockey Victoria code of behaviour and all players must agree to abiding by this when registering.   The Southern United Hockey Club does not condone or accept the use of bad language, rough play or abusing of either other players or umpires.   The club supports the pinciple of Sportsmanship and Fair Play. It is expected that players, coaches, parents and supporters recognise and encourage the contribution of its players and umpires in a correct manner.  Abusive language, especially when directed towards an Umpire cannot and will not be tolerated.

We trust that all players will take pride in the wearing of the Southern United Club colours and that their approach and manner will reflect this pride.  If an incident does arise then the players and/or officials involved will be asked to explain to a disciplinary committee.