Southern United Hockey Club

Selection Policy


2022 Selection Policy – Senior Section Men’s Teams


Selection method

The coaches have primary responsibility for the selections in their own team. They will make these selections with regard to the strategic goals of the men’s section and individual team at the time. In the event of a disagreement over an individual’s selection then the matter will be referred to the Section Leader for discussion with the relevant coaching staff.

The coaches will discuss selection with each other on a regular basis and will meet formally to discuss the progress of each team individually and in the context of the club’s overall objectives as required.

These meetings will also serve as a forum for discussion around individual players being provided with opportunities consistent with their skill-level, output and commitment relative to their peers.

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria for each team will include an assessment of:

1         Each player’s relative ability and effectiveness.  These characteristics include (but are not limited to) assessments of:

  • Physical Capacity – does the player possess and display the attributes for that particular level including strength, stamina, speed and agility.
  • Skills – does the player possess and display the techniques and tactical awareness to perform consistently within the context of the team objectives.
  • Ability to take direction – does the player possess and display the capacity to take feedback and direction from coaching staff and senior players.
  • On field behaviour – taking direction from the coaching staff with regards game plan, style and attitude and playing the game in the spirit expected by the Club and Hockey Victoria.

2        Each player’s club and team commitment and commitment to their own improvement.  A critical component of these criteria will be training attendance.

Announcement of Selections

The objective of the committee is to have selected the teams by Wednesday of each week and for the teams to be advised to players via email on Thursday.

It is the player’s responsibility to advise their current coach/manager of any game for which they may be unavailable as soon as the player is aware that they are unavailable for a particular game(s). This will assist the selectors in selecting and naming the teams as early as possible

Movement between teams

Where a player is promoted to a higher team, the coach of the lower team will have primary responsibility for communication the decision to the player (if required).

Where a player is demoted to a lower team (based on performance) it is the responsibility of the coach of the higher team to speak with that player prior to the teams being announced.  Note this will not necessarily occur, although encouraged, when the player has been filling in for an injured player short term and that player returns.

Grievances Related to Selections

In the first instance, if a player has a grievance in relation to the selection process he should first contact the coach of the team he is currently selected in. If after doing this he still feels aggrieved he should contact the Section Leader. If the player feels uncomfortable about speaking with his coach in the first instance he should contact the Section Leader.

Training requirements

Premier League players are required to attend the two scheduled training sessions per week – Tuesdays & Thursdays – as well as any other training sessions as directed by coaching staff.  Any deviation from this needs to get approval from the Head Coach.  Premier League Reserves players are required to attend at least one training per week – Tuesday’s or Thursday’s in preseason but encouraged to attend both during the season with Thursday as a optional session.

Pennant grade players (and aspirants) should try to attend one training session per week.