Women’s Section of the Southern United Hockey Club


 If you are new to the club or wanting to play Seniors then please contact Women’s President  Alisia Simmons . For training times and days please refer to the Section Information – Training Schedule.


Womens teams in 2018 are:

Premier League (PL)
Premier League Reserves (PLR)
Pennant B (PB)
Pennant D (PD)
Pennant F (PF)
and Metro 

Training Times

Premier League and reserves teams:

  • Tuesday 8:30-10pm Farm Rd, and
  • Thursday 7:00 – 8:30 Farm Rd

Pennant and Metro:

  • Prior to Easter – Wednesday at Farm Rd 8- 9.30pm,
  • Post Easter – Wednesday at Farm Rd 7 – 8.15