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Players registrations are done via this website.  All players need to register with both the club and Hockey Victoria – refer to this link to register for both – Register Now


As with all amateur sporting organizations, the club’s cash flows and finances are very dependent on its members paying their membership and playing fees on time and in full.  The club reserves the right to not select playing members whose fees are in arrears post Round 1. The club may consider special arrangements for payment of fees due to exceptional financial hardship on a case by case basis.


The SUHC  uniform is available from the Shop at Farm Road and must be worn at all Home and Away games – the only exceptions are the Premier League & Reserve teams which have an official Away top.  In the event of a colour clash – refer to this link for details Clash Summary SUHC then either the Club away top or a plain white top must be worn.  In the event of sock clashes the preference is for the club black socks to be worn which are available from the Shop.

When the Farm Road Shop is closed uniforms are available from Hockey Equipe located at 467 South Road, Moorabbin about 5 minutes drive from Farm Road.  Hockey Equipe also range quality hockey sticks and equipment from which a % of the sale goes back to SUHC.


ALL players are required to wear a mouth guard and shin guards at both games and training for safety reasons.   The club will provide Goalkeeping gear for players who want to try out for that position.  For career goalkeepers we suggest that they purchase a kit themselves.


Hockey Victoria have advised that players are not allowed to wear fitness monitors unless they are covered with a sweatband or tape.  If not they will be regarded as watches and the players asked to remove them.


Our club is run on volunteers and we are always looking for people to help out with the running of the club – whether at a committee level or someone to turn the sausages on the BBQ.  It is very rewarding being able to help out and we urge you to see what you can do to put back into the club.  If you are unable to help out on the day to day running of the club then you may have a service that you can offer – either way we would be happy to hear from you.  For Volunteering please contact the relevant section leaders or if you have a product or service that you can offer to the club then contact Help offered.


Each section has it’s own selection policy – please refer to each section for details.


The SUHC uses the Hockey Victoria code of conduct and all players must agree to abiding by this when registering.   The Southern United Hockey Club does not condone or accept the use of bad language, rough play or abusing of either other players or umpires.   The club supports the pinciple of Sportsmanship and Fair Play. It is expected that players, coaches, parents and supporters recognise and encourage the contribution of its players and umpires in a correct manner.  Abusive language, especially when directed towards officials cannot and will not be tolerated.

We trust that all players will take pride in the wearing of the Southern United Club colours and that their approach and manner will reflect this pride.  If an incident does arise then the players and/or officials involved will be asked to explain to a disciplinary committee.

For HV code of conduct please click here.


If you need to access the Hockey Victoria Insurance Program please click here.    Contact No for submitting claims is 1300 134 956

  1. Please ensure the injury has been reported on the team sheet if it occurred during a game.
  2. Please feel free to advise the Injury Officers below of your injury.
  3. Please follow the HV Insurance Page   (you have 180 days from the date of the injury to lodge a claim)


Mike Campbell – Men’s Section

Alisia Simmons – Women’s Section

Tina Papadopoulos – Junior Section

Suzie Styles – Masters Section


Hockey Victoria Rules


Memo Anti-Doping Policies Educational Resources (4 March 2013) Final