Southern United Hockey Club

Please nominate to pay either Full 2020 fee or Season Reduced Fee?


Full 2020 Season Fee

If you select this option you will be paying the full 2020 fee, not taking up the the reduced fee discount.

Season Reduced Fee

If you select this option will be paying the fee that has been reduced to take in to account reduced Hockey Victoria team registration fees, and where appropriate reduced fees to reflect a shorter season.


Below are the adjusted fees for the 2020 season.  The discount shown reflects the reduction in Hockey Victoria team registration fees. Where appropriate fees will also be reduced to reflect a shorter season.

Whilst we are able to pass on these reductions, we would also like to share that the costs of running  the club will not be solely covered by the playing fees.  As per previous years, each section fees are subsidized by income from pitch hire, canteen takings, shop sales, sponsorship/donations and social committee events which  we will, at this stage, probably not be having this year and if we do, will still result in lower amount of monies coming in to the club.

Whilst we understand that players and families may need to take advantage of these fee reductions, if you are in a position to donate back to the club the difference between the original stated fees and the new fees by either not taking up the discount or not requesting a refund for fees already paid it would be really appreciated.   

Already paid your fees?

If you do require a refund then can you please contact us via before the 30th June, 2020 with your name and player names, we will then be in contact with you.