Southern United Hockey Club

Children in Sport


Whether a parent or a coach, how we talk to our children is what makes the huge difference regarding enjoyment of sport for our children and their desire to continue playing. As a club, we at Southern, see that is a joint responsibility with the parents of the children who join us on the pitch.

Parents can help create a positive sporting environment and reduce sport rage by being good role models. To do this:  

Encourage fair play

  • Cheer and acknowledge good plays by both teams
  • Thank the official, coach and other team after the game.

Respect officials, coaches and opponents

Keep your emotions in check

  • Be enthusiastic, but don’t scream instructions from the sideline
  • Don’t get into shouting matches with anyone
  • Never use bad language or harass others.

Uphold your club’s code of conduct

  • Understand, uphold and support your club’s code of conduct for parents.

Help kids enjoy sport

  • Emphasise trying hard and having fun, not only winning
  • Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake.
  • Use our Let Kids Be Kids resources and videos to promote positive environments in sport. 

Play By the Rules is a great information source regarding children and sport. 

A reminder video from children why they play sport and how they feel about their parents/coaches behaviour, also from play by the rules.

A great article on ABC – The day a dad ruined junior sport