Finals Wrap 2-3 September


8 teams straight through to Grand Final and another 5 playing next weekend for a spot in the Grand Final.  Big thank you to all those people who came along and supported one or more of the SUHC teams – it was greatly appreciated by all and helped the teams get over the line.


Through to Grand Final Finals – But not Grand final
U16 Mixed Shield
U16 Mixed Pennant SE
U18 SE
U12 Mixed Shield
U12 Mixed Pennant
U14 Mixed Shield
U16 Mixed South

With the Under 16 Pennant already through to the final, the Under 16 shield played their cross over match against Footscray. The first “sighting” of the North West conference. The game was incredible close with Brad Marais scoring the winning 3-2 goal in the dying minutes. Olivia Downes and Craig Marais scored the other goals. Craig’s goal was an outstanding goal beating at least half a dozen defenders to flick it past the outstretched goal keeper. Under 16 shield will play Essendon at SNHC on Friday 8.30 pm in the grand final. Under 18  coming from 4th on the ladder played Goulburn Valley for a 3-0 win, facing Gippsland next week in the grand final.

Under 12 mixed shield played their cross over match against Essendon for a 2-1 with Lachie Paice and Ed Fitzgerald scoring the goals. Thanks to Thomas Bright for doubling up and helping the shield team. Under 12 pennant played Doncaster who had moved down form Shield earlier in the season, it was going to a tough game, the team played a great game, their best game for the season, but sadly went down 3-0.

Men, Women and Masters

Through to Grand Final To live another final Now out of Finals
Men’s Pennant A
Women’s Metro B Red
Masters 35BSE
Masters 45BSE
Win 3v4 Men’s Pennant D
Loss 1v2 Men’s Pennant F
win 3v4 Women’s Metro B White
Win 3v4 Men’s Masters 45BSE
Win 3v4 Women’s Metro A
Men’s Metro A



The MPA guys took on Footscray at home and with 3 teams already having played and won before them the pressure was on.  Footscray came out strong but not strong enough to stop a goal from Liam Eddington created from some tidy work from Rhy Dyball and Jack Marquardt.  A second goal was soon to follow with a deflection for Zac Bahramis giving the guys a 2-0 lead into the 2nd half.  Footscray came back scoring which was matched with a reply from a goal by Lachie Eddington.  Footscray again came back making the scoreline 3-2.  With about 4 minutes to go Footscray removed their GK’er but a PC was called for a foul within the 25 to Lachie and Jono Stewart sent the ball home to the back of the net making the final score 4-2.  This takes MPA straight into the GF in 2 weeks time.

MPD played a cracker of a game against Footscray.  There were goals coming from everywhere with Jesse Workman scoring 4 and setting up a couple for crowd favourite Jarnail “Jelly” Singh.  A goal each to Packo and Rob Graham.  There are plenty of exciting players in this team and we are looking forward to the match up with either Camberwell or KBH Brumbies for a spot in the finals.

MPF headed out to Box Hill to take on KBH Brumbies and there were plenty of goal scored here.  The guys went down 5-7 but have another chance next week taking on the Croydon Rangers for a spot in the Grand Final.  This should be a good game with SUHC coming away with the 3 points last time they met.  Goal to Paul Hendricks and 2 each to David Fisher and Harry Singh.

MMA had a tough game playing a strong OHA away in an Elimination Final – the guys played well but couldn’t get the ball in the net going down 0-2.



Our WMA team had the pressure of the other 2 Women’s teams in finals winning earlier in the day as they took on TEM at 5.00pm on Saturday night.  Lucky for them a lot of the crowd from earlier in the day had stayed on to watch them have a 1-0 lead for most of the game from a goal from Jenny Aschhoff.  Unfortunately for us TEM scored with about 10 minutes to go and the scored stayed level at 1-1 meaning one on ones were the order of the day.  Jenny Smith and Jett Edwards quickly slotted goals past the TEM keeper and the youngest GK’er in the senior section, Dom Blatherwick, was composed as ever and denied 3 TEM’s players the chance to get the ball in the net so the girls ended up winning 3-1.  They play OHA next week for a spot in the Grand Final.

The WMB White team had the benefit of the home ground advantage but not so the time of day.  They hit off at 11.00am in their Elimination Final against Camberwell who have been a tough team to beat for both the Southern teams this year.  Not so in this game with Jess Stewart and Cindy McLeish scoring goals to make the final score 2-0.  The white team play Mentone next week for a spot in the Grand Final against the SUHC Red team.

The WMB Red team who ended up 2nd on the ladder by the smallest percentage headed out to the sandpit at Mentone.   Having drawn with them earlier in the year the Red team knew what they had to do to get the points.  Mentone gave us a scare in the first few minutes with a near goal but GK’er Lauren Pap’s quick thinking saved the ball twice, once with the pads and then with her stick.  Chances for Mentone to score were few and far between after that.  The Red team attacked hard throughout the game with Nicola Briggs and Ali Stansby scoring to make the final score 2-0 and giving them a place in the Grand Final.