2018 AGM

The 2018 AGM for the Southern United Hockey Club was held on 25th March at Farm Rd.

The AGM is always a chance to review on the year that has been, and look ahead to the 2018 year, as well as nominating and voting for the Committee of Management of the club.

We would like to thank Roger Arnold (president and acting junior president), Greg Willcock (treasurer) and Tim Cole (masters) as they step down from the committee of management and would like to welcome new committee of management members: Caitlin Campbell – President, Deb Ghuliani – Treasurer and Shaun Desmond – Junior President, while previous CoM member Suzie Styles steps back as Masters President

We would like to introduce our 2018 Committee of management

  • President Caitlin Campbell
  • Secretary Anna Jennings
  • Treasurer Deb Ghuliani
  • Vice President Helen Ward
  • Men’s Section Michael Campbell
  • Women’s Section Alisia Simmons
  • Junior Section Shaun Desmond
  • Masters Section Suzie Styles

The section reports presented at the AGM can be viewed here

For those that have not met our CoM members, we would like to introduce each of our members, new and old.

  • Caitlin Campbell has been a member of the club since a junior and is currently a member of the premier league team, while her family members sister Jo and brother Bill play for the club. Her father Iain was the inaugural secretary of Southern United.
  • Deb Ghuliani has been the club’s person working with the Kingston Sports Council as well as overall management of the canteen. Deb plays in our women’s and masters section, while her daughters Anna and Georgia also play for the club in Under 16/womens and Under 12.
  • Shaun Desmond has been part of the club for quite some years now. Shaun plays masters for the club while his three children have played juniors, Olivia Under 14s and Alex Under 12 continue to play for the  club
  • Anna Jennings has been junior section secretary since 2013 and this is her second year as club secretary. Anna’s son Rylan plays in Under 16/mens section.
  • Helen Ward has been part of the committee of management for 5 years now. Helen plays hockey in the women’s section, men’s masters and women’s masters, while her three children Lachie, Liam and Max play in our men’s section while Max also plays under 16s.
  • Suzie Styles – Suzie needs no introduction having been part of Moorabbin and Southern for more years than most of us remember. Suzie plays women’s, masters women’s and men’s and runs our shop and well, does so much more, while husband Graham is a key member of the women’s committee and plays in our masters section.
  • Michael Campbell has also been part of the committee of management for many years. Mike plays in men’s section, his son’s have also played for the club.
  • Alisia Simmons women’s president for some years, Alisia starting playing for Moorabbin as a junior, has represented Victoria as a junior, played in our women’s firsts and now plays in our women’s and masters section. Her father has been a CoM member of Moorabbin in the past.