Fitness and practice while social isolating




Tuesday 31st March


This weeks skill drill for the club is a ‘Yard Stick’ . It is a good measure of your dribbling and one you can complete twice a week and see your score improving.

What you need:
2 hockey sticks
1 hockey ball
small amount of room with a flat surface

What to do:
Lay one hockey stick down on the ground and drag the ball from side to side the full length of the hockey stick.
Time for 1 minute and count how many drags you can do.
Each drag is worth 1 point.

Nathan Ephraums provides a great example in this video.

We encourage everyone to give it a go.

Posted by Southern United Hockey Club on Monday, March 30, 2020

Sun 29th March

How are you going with your activities while hockey is in hibernation? Here are some ideas from Chris “Mini” Silvers to keep your fitness up. Catch Mini at SilversPT on Facebook