Aus Masters and Under 13 Championships

October is a big month, Australian Masters Championships from 35+ to 75+ and Australian Under 13 championships all happening, together with the new HockeyOne League.

The under 13 boys team won the championships with a massive 39 goals scored (3 by George) and only 7 against with a massive goal difference of 32.

The Men’s 40+ team with Hammo in goals also finished the championships with gold, after a successful shoot out in the gold medal match. The 45 2s had a similar result.

Bronze medals went to many of the Vic Teams: Women’s Masters 35+, 40+, 50+, 60+; Men’s Masters 50+, 65+

Australian masters teams have been selected for the 2020 world cup with selection for David Rosser and Tamsin Nelson. Both Phoebe and Greg  Willcock have been selected as shadows.

Southern representatives at the Masters Championships were:

Under 13s Women Masters Men Masters
Ashton Williams – Venom Stef Eade – 35+ David Rosser – 35+
George Papadopoulus – Venom Tamsin Nelson – 40+ David Hammond – 40+
Indra Stubbs – Venom Shantel Hastings – 40+ John Leighton – 45+ 2s
Rebecca McNess – Volt Jacky Jacob 50+ Richard Thompson – 50+
Jaime Segbedzi – Volt Greta de Bell 50+ Brian Paxton – 50+
  Suzie Styles – 55+ James Erbacher – 50+
  Meaghan Morley – 55+ Shane Peachey – 50+
  Phoebe Willcock- 60+ Stephen Blatherwick – 50+ 2s
    Greg Willcock – 60+
    Graham Styles – 60+
    Rob Burgess – 60+ 2s
    Ross Smale – 65+

Also happening in October is the Australian Maters Games. The Australian Masters Games is a biennial sporting event that is regarded as one of the premier and largest participation sporting events on the Australian sporting landscape. In 2019 the 17th edition of the Games was hosted in Adelaide. Suzie Styles and Meaghan Morely were two of the 8,000 people participating in the games. Playing for the Border team they came home with gold.


Catch the flickr album of our players in action. 

2019 Aus Masters Championships