Junior State Championships

Congratulations to all our Southern players who were part of the Junior State Championships.


Warren Davey:  Sharks Co-ordinator

Umpire: Charlie Williams

Technical Official: Allison Williams

Team Managers: Karin Coste, Tina Papadopoulos, Elaine de Vos


Under 13 Girls: Anna van Vroonhoven, Charlotte Carruthers, Jamie Segbedzi, Indra Stubbs, Matilda Vercoe, Larrisa Boshoff, Sienna Hoult, Bec McNess
Under 13 Boys: Charlie Gow, Alex Desmond, George Papadopoulos, Ashton Williams, Lachlan Thomas
Under 15 Girls: Mia Hamilton-Smith, Sarah Connell, Matilda Reid, Brylee Roberts, Frederiek van Vroonhoven
Under 15 Boys: Edward Fitzgerald, Lachlan Paice, Jasper Hughes, Will McNess
Under 18 Girls: Ile deVos, Carien Boshoff
Under 18 Boys: Cameron Connell, Maxim Coste, Digby Stannus, Anthony Papadopoulos, Matthew Hayes, Adam Persic

Also to Maryke Boshoff and Georgia Ghuliani playing for Gippsland Bulls

Southern coaching in JSC include:
Under 13 Girls: Julian Pratt
Under 18 Girls: Chris Silvers, Assistant Pim Okhuizen
Under 15 Boys: Rob Strong. Assistant U15 Boys Allessandro Wilson