Round 2 Seniors

Round 2 for seniors saw the Premier League teams travel to Doncaster, while all the pennant teams played at home at Farm Rd.

The Farm Rd games started well with the Pennant B Ladies fighting for a draw against MUHC. MUHC had been relegated from Pennant A at the end of 2015 so a pretty good run for the ladies in 2016, with a win last week, and draw in round 2. The women’s pennant B team is a great example of the young and more experienced playing together,  with mother and daughters combinations Julie and Josie Lawton and Angela and Simone Hill-Rennie in the team together, with other young players Erin Stimson, Emilia Downes, and Samantha Chew together with the “more experienced” Suzie Styles and Jacky Jacobs.

The Pennant A men played a very strong game against Waverley to notch up  a 5-0 win with goals to Liam and Lachie Eddington and Chris Silvers and two to Jesse Mulder. Two out of two for pennant A, great start.

While at Doncaster the games were tough. Men Premier League Reserve finished with a 5-3 loss to Doncaster, while Men Premier League had a tougher game with a 7-2 loss.

The Premier League ladies had a stronger performance against last years premiers with a 2-0 loss for the firsts and the reserves a 0-0 draw.

In the other pennant games at Farm Rd, the pennant D boys found Doncaster too strong going down 1-4 while Pennant E fought hard to keep to a 3-2 loss against PEGS with goals to Mike Brooks and Mathew Salvage.  The pennant F team are now 2 wins for 2 with another big win, 5-0 over KBH Brumbies.

After a loss last week the women’s metro A ladies were very happy to get 3 points on the board with a 2-0 win over Waverley.