Wrap Prem League Preliminary final & Senior Grand Finals


The first game of the day is at 12pm, Women’s premier league reserves, followed by Men’s premier league reserves, Women’s premier league, and then our game, the last game of the day – Men’s Premier League grand final versus Camberwell.

Come and support the club on this historic occasion. We want to see lots of red (and black) in the stands. It will be an incredible match, our first ever premier league (or state league 1) grand final, six years after our State League 2 win which put our men in to the new Premier League.

What a year.

There is so much to say. The results of our premier league teams this year has been many years in the making. There are so many who should be thanked and be proud of what has been achieved. The leadership of the club from our club presidents over the past years, recently; David Finlayson, Roger Arnold and current president Caitlin Campbell. The coaches, ranging from the coaches of minkies, under 9s, through to the coaches of our junior teams and our Southern United Hockey Academy coaches which have been vital in developing the young players. And of course the more mature players and supporters of the club who have led the way to help the club achieve premier league status, and lead the youngsters of today. To Jesse and Matt who have coached the teams this year, congratulations, and to our players AWESOME.

The women’s premier league team sadly went down in their preliminary final, the preliminary final that the livestream commentators were saying they felt should have been the grand final. The achievements for this incredible young team, in their third year of premier league, cannot be understated. We can’t wait for next year.

And the men made it to the big dance.

The emotion for all was intense. With the family nature of the club on full display, two pairs of sisters in the women’s team, two pairs of brothers in the men’s. Not to mention the Walker clan, with life member Ken in the stand, Ross watching, not so patiently on the outskirts of the pitch, and Carlin playing. Stuart Carruthers, Allen and Lorraine Hart and David Finlayson who all played for the club when younger, watching their children playing in a premier league preliminary final for Southern.

Ross Walker says it all “I think the last hour of yesterday’s game was possibly the most excited and emotional I’ve ever felt at a Southern game of any type in the 37 years I’ve been at the club”.

Men’s premier league preliminary final

The game that had it all, all the weather, the dramas, and of course the shoot out.

For those that were not there or did not see it on livestream, it is not too late. It is worth a watch.

The magic of our youngsters, 10 players under 21, that translates to 10 players who have played in our 16 mixed shield team since 2014 are in our premier league team. What an achievement. The two goals from the youngest of the team Craig Marais, the determination, the skills and the never say die attitude of this amazing young athlete. The composure of the master player – Waseem Ahmad. And everyone aged between the two.

Women’s Premier League Preliminary Final

As hard as it is to describe the men’s final, describing the women’s final is harder. Heartbreaking is the word that comes to mind first, but so promising. What a team, what a future for our club.

Josie’ Lawton’s goal can only be described as WOW, and she is THIRTEEN.

The whole team played an incredible game. The commentary team talked about Hawthorn mark 2.0. We know we are, we have an incredible future.

Other News

Valé Patrick and Dorothy Gawthorne.

Following Pat’s passing last week, a day or two later Dorothy also passed away. They were very close and involved with each other’s interests all of their lives and it was probably appropriate that they kept it that way in the end!

Pat and Dorothy had a bold and influential presence in the formative years of the Moorabbin HC, and prior to that, in the Cheltenham HC. Their undying interest in our club’s fortunes were only dimmed by the passing years, though both have attended the Old Binner’s lunches in the past.

Pat Gawthorne played with Cheltenham HC then also Moorabbin HC, and his son – Peter, followed him into the game. Peter played with the Moorabbin club for many years whilst his sons Richard and Andrew played through junior ranks though did not continue for long into seniors.
Pat and Dorothy’s older daughter Betty, chose swimming instead and excelled as a water polo player. She moved to WA early in life, married Charlie Anderson and has lived there since. She was a welcome ‘visitor’ to the Old Binner’s most recent lunch.

To her credit, Dorothy was a strong supporter of whatever the family did and always helped in any way that she could. Her bright and effervescent personality was a counter to Pat’s more conservative nature. She was often the life of the party especially in the days before our now formal approach to club functions.

With the passing of Pat and Dorothy goes many memories of the earliest days of our history which would be routinely discussed whenever the opportunity arose! Being in their mid nineties they had a very long and active life. The Southern United HC offers sincere condolences to the extended Gawthorne family.

The funeral will be on Monday the 24th September at St Matthews Anglican Church at 161 Park Rd Cheltenham at 10am

Senior Presentation Night

The senior presentation night will be held on Friday 19th October at Milano’s Hotel in Brighton. Tickets can be purchased at https://www.trybooking.com/XWFC

October 14 Bunnings

We will be running another Bunnings BBQ on October 14th. Perfect after watching the AHL game on the 13th. Please nominate your time to help via http://bit.ly/bunningsbbq All help is greatly appreciated.

AHL/International Hockey

All playing members will have received a mail regarding the “fan package” that is available to purchase.

Southern United has 86 tickets in the best section of the Eastern Stand (zoo side) for the AHL and International Pro – League series. Southern United supporters have a chance to buy tickets in this prime seating. Our tickets are block 18 and 21 – see the seating here

Tickets for the Pro League games are $35 (TBC) for each day, $95 for the seven days is great value.
You can get your tickets here.

Don’t know what FIH Pro League is – IT IS AWESOME

DON’T MISS OUT EVERYONE! We want Southern United to Support the Biggest Event Australian Hockey has seen since the CHAMPIONS TROPHY IN 2010!

The Victorian Hockey Fan Package will be an 18-month membership giving fans access to seven match days from October 2018 to November 2019, including:
· 2018 AHL – Round 2 v Western Australia – Saturday 13 October 2018
· 2018 AHL – Round 3 v South Australia – Sunday 21 October 2018
· 2019 Pro League – Round 1 Australia v Netherland – Saturday 2 February 2019
· 2019 Pro League – Round 2 Australia v Belgium – Sunday 3 February 2019
· 2019 AHL – 3 Home match days in October/November 2019 – dates TBC

Note: on all seven match days there will be a Women’s & Men’s match scheduled. 14 games in total.

Metro Grand Finals

With the excitement of the premier league, we cannot forget our metro teams who played grand finals, and the metro B women who won the premiership over Waverley.

Men’s Metro A put up a solid fight against Donnie, who were clear minor premiers, while Men’s Metro B went down to St Bede’s.


Our super women masters team finished runners up. First year in 35A, and Mentone got the goods over them, JUST, when Mentone scored in the final minutes.

Our men’s masters 45D played in their grand final tonight at Hawthorn, sadly going down in the penalty shoot out.

Our Finals Campaign