Victorian Team Selection

Southern United players have been selected in the Victorian Under 18 team, with the Southern players making up 25% of the teams.

Players selected in the teams were: 

  Under 18s Under 15s
  Men Boys Blue (1)
  Alistair Hart – Will Carruthers
  Brad Marais – Jacques Carstens
  Craig Marais – Nick Fitzgerald
  Pim Okhuizen Girls Blue (1)
  Trent Symss – Dominique Blatherwick
    – Hayley Lambert
  Women – Josie Lawton
  Olivia Carruthers White Boys (2)
  Olivia Downes – Lachlan Paice
  Emily Hamilton Smith White Girls (2)
  Amy Lawton – Emily Butler
    – Laura Loycke
    – Evie Stansby
  Train Ons  
  Carlin Walker  Davin Walker
    Emilia Downes