Victorian Team Selection

Southern United players have been selected in the Victorian Under 18 team, with the Southern players making up 25% of the teams.

Players selected in the teams were: 

  Under 18s Under 15s
  Men Boys Blue (1)
  Alistair Hart Will Carruthers
  Brad Marais Jacques Carstens
  Craig Marais Nick Fitzgerald
  Pim Okhuizen Girls Blue (1)
  Trent Symss Hayley Lambert
  Women Josie Lawton
  Olivia Carruthers White Boys (2)
  Olivia Downes Lachlan Paice
  Emily Hamilton Smith White Girls (2)
  Amy Lawton Laura Loycke
    Evie Stansby
  Train Ons  
  Carlin Walker  Davin Walker
    Emilia Downes