Hook in 2 hockey

2018 will see another series of hook in 2 hockey for new primary school aged children. This program will take place at our hockey ground at 74 Farm Rd, Cheltenham. Entry off Farm Rd.

Term 1 will commence with Southern United together with Hockey Victoria visiting local schools to introduce children to the wonders of hockey.

All young children, are invited to our free Come and Try to be held on a Friday 16th February, at 4.45pm. This free come and try session will give their children a taste of hockey, and we hope to see them back on 23rd Feb for the five week Hook in 2 Hockey program of fun and skills.   Some information regarding hook in 2 hockey is available here

The five week program will cost $85. Within that $85 participants will receive a hockey stick, ball, shin pads, back pack, and reversible shirt.  Please see  Here for details of the pack.

The dates for the five week program are  23rd Feb, 2nd, 9th, 16 and 23rd March.

The focus of the program will be on skills

  1. Basic Skills
  2. Dribbling
  3. Passing and Stealing
  4. Game Focus
  5. Dribbling
  6. Passing
  7. Stealing
  8. Game Focus

We know that young children need to have a fun environment where they can learn, that is the aim of our hook in 2 hockey program.

When children finish the hook in  2 hockey program they can move to GAME ON. Game on allows the children to put their skills in to action in small sided games.