Southern United Hockey Club

Junior teams 2008

There are so many of our current players and coaches hidden away in the 2008 photos.

Coaching and team managing back in 2008 we had Andrew Layzell  Steve Duffield, Tas Nelson, Suzie Styles,  Julian Pratt, Michael Pearce, Helen Eddington, Ross Smale, James Erbacher, Sue Jones, Tom Lewis, Pam Durrant, Warren Davey, Luke Bahramis, Mitch Campbell, Shane Campbell, Chris Abaniel, Sarah Tesoriero, Bobby and Mick Sleeth

While our “current” seniors  players were in juniors in 2008:

Cam Paice, Dylan Willcock, Joey Kenny, Mitch Campbell, Lachie Finlayson, Liv Finlayson, Amy Beet, Caitlin Campbell (seemingly missing for the team photo), Louise Campisano,   Tom Hamilton, Ben Hughes, Anna Martin, Emma Cole, Lachie Eddington, Kirsten Gardiner, Jett Edwards, Jo Campbell, Sam Hickey, Josh Ephraums, Hayden Jones, Chris Silvers, Liam Schinina, Dan Sweeney, Adam Nelson, Nick Durrent, Liam Eddington, Ryan Cook, Josh Erbacher, Ash Jones, Nathan Ephraums, Tom Durrant, Laura Cox, Tom Youds, Rhy Dyball, Bill Campbell, Nick Davey, Charley Malligan, Georgia Elston, Carlin Walker, Stephen Attard