Southern United Hockey Club

Junior Teams 2013

Eighteen junior teams played for Southern United in 2013 with the new Under 16/ Under 14/ Under 12 and Under 10 Structure, with the first under 10 full field team also playing.

Team Position on Ladder Finals Coach
Under 10      
Under 10 Full Field Shield 2nd   Peter Paice
Under 10 Black 6th     Sinead and Cam Vorrath
Under 10 Dendy 4th   Phoebe Willcock
Under 10 Silver 1st     Amy Beet
Under 10 Red 9th     Warren Davey
Under 12      
Under 12 A 4th –   Michael Pearce
Under 12 Pennant SE 5th   Craig Williams
Under 12 South Red Minor Premier Premier Ken Walker/Olivia Finlayson
Under 12 South Black 9th   Chris Abaniel
Under 14      
Under 14A Minor Premier Runner up Rob Dalton
Under 14 South Black Minor Premier Runner up Campbell Jones
Under 14 South Red 7th   Julian Pratt
Under 14 Girls A 2nd  Premier Caitlin Campbell/Jo Campbell
Under 16      
Under 16PSe 5th   Nathan Gardiner
Under 16East 5th   Andrew Armstrong
Under 16S Red 7th   Hayden Jones
Under 16S Black 6th   Warren Davey
Under 16 Girls A 3rd    Lex Jonhson/Suzie Styles



Premiership Teams
Under 14 GA Under 12 South
Alex Siedle Nathan Andrew
Charley Malligan Ashlee Ball
Charlotte Crole Grace Desmond
Daisy Causer Madeleine French
Danielle Logan Makayla Houniet
Emily Stone Samuel Letts
Emma Leighton Ethan McCaskill
Georgia Elston Katherine McNess
Imogen Kane Felix O’Neill-Pugh
Isabella Dredge Rylan Pease
Meg Siedle Harry Quig
Molly Rowe Matthew Seath
Olivia Carruthers Digby Stannus
Olivia Downes Erin Stimson
Wietske Anema