Senior & Masters Presentation Night

Our senior presentation night held on Friday 13th October saw the club celebrate two senior premierships, most of our senior men and women teams playing in finals, and the awarding of Life Membership. Congratulations to our award winners and our latest life member.

Life Membership is the highest honour we can offer any club member.  It is not an award we issue automatically every year, but one that is only awarded if it is earned.

Our latest Life Member is a very appropriate appointment as the club begins our second decade of existence, as our successful first decade is underpinned by what his leadership and expertise, and Greg’s work stands us in great stead for our second decade. 

Greg has played more than 300 games for Sandringham, Southern United and many games for Victoria. 

But Greg’s special contribution is as a steady and strategic hand throughout the merger of our clubs, in managing our finances and protecting our long term future.

Greg’s great, and probably unrecognised contribution is that he actually makes it cheaper to play hockey than it should be.  He is disciplined in keeping our costs under control, agrees great deals with the council on our behalf, maximises interest revenue, ensures that we are funded into the future.  This is no small job, many hours of dedication and expertise over more than a decade.

Greg responded to this award, first by thanking Phoebe Willcock for her fabulous support and encouragement.  Greg thanked the many volunteers and committee members who contribute to the club being successful.  Greg encouraged everyone at the club to consider what they could do to help and to get involved.

Men’s Section
  Best & Fairest  Runner Up Coach’s Award
Men’s Premier League Josh Ephraums Waseem Ahmad  Mackenzie Thompson
Men’s Premier League Reserves Carlin Walker   Daniel Sweeney
Men’s Pennant A Thomas Curtis   Felix Harvey
Men’s Pennant D Nick Davey   Simon Wilcock
Men’s Pennant E Ted Harvey   Thomas Lewis
Men’s Pennant F Phillip Clarke   Stephen Attard
Men’s Metro A SE Scott Collie   Adam Nelson
Men’s Metro B SE Nicholas Fitzgerald   Marco Boshoff
Most Improved Junior Craig Marais    
Women’s Section
Women’s PL Megan Hull Amy Lawton Emily Hamilton Smith 
Women’s PLR Ashleigh Jones & Samantha Chew   Bridie Storton
Women’s Pennant B Angela Hill-Rennie   Simone Hill-Rennie
Women’s Pennant F Evie Stansby   Jenny Aschoff
Women’s Metro A SE Jane O’Neill   Nicola Briggs
Women’s Metro B SE Alex Siedle   Marlene Lothian
Most improved junior playing seniors Samantha Chew    
Men’s Masters 35A David Fisher
Mens Masters 45A Richard Thompson 
Men’s Masters 45B SE Murray Stimson
Men’s Masters 45D Mark Siedle
Women’s Masters 35B SE Karina Staropoulos
Best new player to Masters Theo Hughes
Special Awards  
President’s Award Phoebe Willcock
The Umpire’s Award Jackie Jacob
Junior President’s Award Chris Silvers
Junior Club person’s award Pim Okhuizen