State Selection

Further state team announcements with the Under 16 SSV team selected. 

  • Amy Lawton, Emily Hamilton Smith, Jamie Zimmerman, Josie Lawton (TO)
  • Billy Hanrahan, Craig Marais

Southern United Players have been selected in the Under 12 School Sports Victoria team. Selected in the team in 2018 are:

  • Lulu Stansby,
  • George Papadopoulos, Ashton Williams (GK).

While the state team has also now been announced for under 21s and Southern has seven representatives of the thirty six players selected

  • Nathan Ephraums, Brad Marais, Josh Mulder
  • Olivia Downes, Georgia Elston, Laura Johnston and Amy Lawton

Southern players have had a great year so far in state selection with players already having been selected in  Under 15 and Under 18 squads. Southern had 9 players selected for Under 18s, and 11  selected in under 15s.

2018 Victorian Outdoor Team 
U21 Men Nathan Ephraums, Brad Marais, Josh Mulder
U21 Women  Olivia Downes, Georgia Elston, Laura Johnston, Amy Lawton, 
U18 Men  Al Hart, Brad Marais, Craig Marais, Pim Okhuizen, Trent Symss, Train On: Carlin Walker
U18 Women  Olivia Carruthers, Olivia Downes, Emily Hamilton Smith, Amy Lawton
U15 Boys Blue: Will Carruthers, Jaques Carstens (GK), Finn Hodder, Nick Fitzgerald . White: Lachlan Paice TrainOn: Davin Walker
U15 Girls Blue: Dominique Blatherwick (GK), Hayley Lambert, Josie Lawton, White: Laura Loycke, Shauna Mitchell, Evie Stansby. Train on: Emilia Downes
U12 SSV Girls Lulu Stansby
U12 SSV Boys George Papdopoulos, Ashton Williams (GK)
U16 SSV Girls Emily Hamilton Smith, Amy Lawton, Jamie Zimmerman, Josie Lawton (TO)
U16 SSV Boys Billy Hanrahan, Craig Marais


2018 Australian Selection  
Youth Olympic Games Qualifier Amy Lawton, Brad Marais
School Sports Australia U17 team Craig Marais, Carlin Walker