Southern United Hockey Club

Registration Fee Information

Registration in 2020 was a two part process. 

  1. Registration and payment to Hockey Victoria.
  2. Registration and payment to Southern United Hockey Club

Southern United Fees

Southern United Registration fees varied based on age/grade.  Of fees that were paid by our members to us, a 2.9% fee was taken out by Majestri who provide the membership and payment system.  For each $100 you paid to Southern, the club received $96.10.

For each person who paid Southern United Fees, the fee was split in to Membership, Ground Replacement and playing fees as required by our club constitution and our lease with Kingston City Council.

The membership fee paid was  $35 and ground replacement levy $40.

Hockey Victoria Fees

The registration fee paid to Hockey Victoria is controlled and managed by Hockey Victoria.  At this stage Hockey Victoria are not giving refunds as the expectation that the season will go ahead in some form. Hockey Victoria can be contacted via

Adult (19 & Over) HV Outdoor Rego – 2020      $100

Youth (aged 11 – 18) HV Outdoor Rego – 2020  $73

 Junior (aged 9 & 10) HV Outdoor Rego – 2020 $52.50

 Junior (8 & under) HV Outdoor Rego – 2020    $30