Southern United Hockey Club

Indoor Hockey Resource Centre


What is indoor hockey?

How/where is indoor different please see indoor-simplified and  beginners-guide-how-to-play-indoor-hockey

What do you need:

What is Essential:

  • Indoor glove – These are larger and more protective than the traditional outdoor glove and are available at Hockey Equipe and Just Hockey
  • Mouthguard
  • Shin pads
  • Non Marking shoes – futsal or cross training shoes that are non-marking
  • Tape – Most places require sticks to be tape for protection  with medical type tape
  • Drink – it is fast and furious, with plenty of interchanges.

What Else:

  • Indoor Stick – For some competitions this is essential, it is a lighter stick than the traditional outdoor stick, Not essential for the Skateworld or Hockey Equipe competition.
  • For goalies sliders, to cover your leg guards, to allow easy sliding is useful. Once again available at Hockey Equipe, Just Hockey and Hockey World.


Highlights of the Under 21 Indoor Final in 2016 – Vic vs ACT