Hockey for younger children

What’s after hook in 2 hockey?

After the 5 week hook in 2 hockey program there are lots of choices for the children, and parents. Most children will move on to the stick to hockey program which will vary based on the child’s age.

Children turning 8 in 2020, or younger, can be part of the under 8 program. Running Friday nights at 4.30 at Farm Rd, the children continue their skills development under the watchful, caring and fun eye of Phoebe and Warren. There will be also the first taste of hockey games in a non competitive environment at the end of the sessions.

The fee for our under 8 ‘stick to hockey program’ includes a club fee of $60  and a fee to Hockey Victoria (our governing body) of $25.50.

Children turning 10 in 2020 or younger, can be part of the under 10 stick to hockey program program. With team training on Thursday night at 5.30 at Farm Rd, and games on Saturday morning at Farm Rd at 8.20, with the first game on July 18. Cost for 2020 is $100 for the club fee and fee for Hockey Victoria (our governing body) is  $50

Children turning 12 in 2019 or younger, can be part of our under 12 program. With team training for the boys on Thursdays 6-7pm, and for the girls on Wednesday 5.30-6.30,   and games on Saturday morning in a home and away type competition with the first game on July 18th.  Cost for  2020 is $260 together with a Hockey Victoria fee of $67. This runs from 17/18 July through to mid October. through term two and three.  Children can join the pre-season training  in February please contact us to discuss.