Southern United Hockey Club

The History of our awards

New Junior Awards From 2013

Best U12 Boy – Ken Walker trophy

Ken Walker is the oldest current member of our club and retired recently from playing hockey. Ken is still involved with umpiring school hockey competitions. He has represented Australia and Victoria countless times as a Masters player. His coaching history goes back many decades. His calm thoughtful demeanour and presence come from many years in teaching and knowing the best way to get the best out of all different types of players. Teaching skills to the young as a foundation to their hockey career is Ken’s mantra: “Get the basics right”. Ken has given so much to so many over his coaching career from the very young to top end senior teams. Ken is father of Ross Walker (sponsor at the club with Buxton) and Linda Gray and grandfather to Jayden, Davin and Carlin. Carlin is playing at Southern United in MPL. Ken was a life member of Moorabbin and is now a life member at SUHC.

Best U12 Girl – Phoebe Willcock Trophy

Phoebe has been a member of Moorabbin since 1986 when the family moved from WA to Victoria.   In 2000 Phoebe’s family started to play and in 2004 when Phoebe was coaching under 15s, 3 of her 4 boys were playing hockey. The merger in 2006 saw 5 of her family playing with husband Greg joining the ranks playing and and taking on the role of treasurer then. Since 2004 Phoebe has coached under 15s mixed, under13 girls, under13 mixed, under 14 girls and the Under10 girls. The last couple of years Phoebe is coaching in the Hookin2Hockey program as well as the Under8 Stick2Hockey. It is more the question which age group did Phoebe not coach in all her years being at the club. Phoebe is a key member of the social and fundraising committee and a powerhouse behind the events and functions this committee organises to raise money for the club. Phoebe is still playing in various masters teams and is off to Cairns for the Women Master National Championships representing Victoria.

Best U14 Boy – Gardiner Family trophy

The Gardiner family have been involved in the establishment of our new club from it’s inception in 2006. Mark and Deb Gardiner have given so much to the hockey community in the past decades. Mark lead the early coaching of many of the current crop of young players in our club. He has helped coach and select representative teams both Sharks and state levels. Deb Gardiner’s managerial work for both Moorabbin and Southern United set the bench mark for all to follow, always organised ahead of everyone else and willing to do the hard work behind the scenes to make thing run smoothly. Kirsty and Nathan are current players who have come through the juniors and in different ways are helping to continue the family connection with the club.

Best U14 Girl – Tamsin Nelson Trophy

Tamsin (Tas) has been for many years the leader of the women’s section. Her passion for our club and previously Moorabbin has stood out in her commitment as committee member, player, women’s captain, women’s president and leading girls coach in the junior section. This was capped off in 2011 and 2012 by coaching the Southern United U13 girls to Shield grade premierships and being awarded life membership of our club, the first awarded since our inception. Tamsin represented Victoria at senior level from 2001-2004 and won the MVP in SL2 in 2012. Currently Tamsin is playing coach in the Women Premier League Reserves team. Tamsin is representing Victoria in the Australian Masters.

Best U16 Boy – Cameron Hunter Trophy

Most people know Cameron as a Moorabbin person but his work across the hockey community goes much further. As a junior coach he has developed so many players in not just skills but hockey smarts, coaching at many levels for over 20 consecutive years. Cameron was one of the original coaches at Sandringham Hockey Club in the late 80’s when the club was formed as well as a top player for Moorabbin Hockey Club for many years. Cameron was award life membership of Moorabbin for his services to the club. He was one of the founding members of Southern United Hockey Club and drove our commitment to improve everything we did to achieve what we see today both in juniors and senior sections, one of the strongest clubs in Victoria with many good coaches who Cameron mentored over the years.

Best U16 Girl – Sue Styles (McIvor) Trophy

Sue Styles involvement in Southern United HC and Moorabbin HC is so extensive it is hard to catalogue. Sue has been involved in both running both clubs and coaching junior and senior grades for over 2 decades. A highly skilled field player, who now is working hard to develop the next generation of players across all the grades not just elite. She is passionate to help everyone, from beginners to the top, achieve their personal best. Her commitment to others is only matched by her ability to do so much to ensure our club carries on developing to be a great organisation to belong to for many years to come. Sue has been in charge for the Canteen for many years and is now your familiar face in the SUHC uniform shop at the club grounds.